Urban solutions to green transitions - at UCPH

Picture of Nordhavn from ocean side. Lights from windows reflected in the harbor

How do we engage diverse voices and perspectives in sustainable urban development? How can biodiversity be integrated into the development of dense and green neighbourhoods? Which types of data are needed and how can data be used to balance neighborhood social and ecological identity in the face of rapid development? And how do we realize equitable access to housing and outdoor recreational spaces in the face of rising development costs?   These questions and more are what the Urban Solutions to Green Transitions Living Lab in Nordhavn will try to answer.

We invite researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and local stakeholders to engage in our lab and help develop a new platform for exchange, collaboration, and solutions to these pressing challenges.

Nordhavn will serve as a focal point for lab activities to develop solutions specific to ongoing and rapid development and draw lessons that can apply to other sites of urban green transitions globally.