About Green Solutions Centre

UCPH Green Solutions Centre aims to develop interdisciplinary solutions to obtain societal and global green goals. The centre was established in 2021 with a genuine desire to collaborate on research-based green solutions across the faculties of the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

Together and with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity, the UCPH researchers collaborate towards research-based co-creation of green and sustainable solutions.

Ideation meetings and Living Labs

GSC is a bottom-up initiative with the participation of scientists from all UCPH Faculties, Faculty of Science, Faculty of HumanitiesFaculty of LawFaculty of Social SciencesFaculty of Health and Medical Sciences and Faculty of Theology. GSC supports the development of sustainable green solutions that are acceptable and implementable.

The main activities are based on the GSC Thematic Solutions and are:

Ideation meetings that will contribute to the exchange of ideas and knowledge across disciplines.

Living Labs that will integrate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and co-creation together with students and user communities.

Vision for UCPH Green Solutions Centre

We aim to contribute to green solutions that will influence the green transition in Denmark and for integration of UCPHs interdisciplinary professionalism, which covers the entire value chain, in collaboration with external partners, ensuring that durable green solutions are developed.

The centre supports the training of graduates who have the competencies to provide green solutions and the necessary transformations in companies and organizations.

Natural and life sciences solutions and understandings are fundamental to the green transition. However, real social transformation also demands close cooperation with the fields of economics, law, philosophy and many more. Improving our interdisciplinary work at an early stage in projects at UCPH would have great significance.
Dean Katrine Krogh Andersen, Faculty of SCIENCE UCPH



David Dreyer Lassen, Prorector UCPH
Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean, Faculty of Science
Kirsten Busch Nielsen, Dean, Faculty of Humanities