Cross-disciplinary Biosolutions Seminar Series: Bioenergy - fair and sustainable?

The seminar is open to all interested, including researchers, industry officials, and students.

Biosolutions is a multidisciplinary approach that seeks to solve complex problems and promote sustainable and efficient agriculture, industrial, food, and ingredient productions by leveraging biological processes or bio-based components. At the Green Solution Centre, we have established a collaboration across several disciplines where we focus on various scientific perspectives for biosolutions. In addition to natural science and technological perspectives, we will integrate legal, socio-economic, and humanistic perspectives in a series of seminars.

Join us for a stimulating lunch seminar where we'll explore the intricate landscape of bioenergy. We'll discuss the technical, ethical, economic, and political dilemmas surrounding this topic, guided by researchers from across faculties at the University of Copenhagen.

Key Themes:

  1. Hot topics and Biogenic Carbon Valorization: Explore hot topics, including carbon debt, fossil fuel-substitution, cascade utilization, and whether we still use “generations” to describe different technologies. Furthermore, we will explore if and how we can cleverly handle biogenic carbon for energy, extracting maximum value near the end of its lifecycle, considering competing priorities and environmental impacts.
  2. Service to society: What can be bioenergy's role in decarbonizing challenging sectors like aviation and marine transport? Get a taste of the latest research and scientific breakthroughs from the University of Copenhagen.
  3. Navigating Ethical Considerations and Political Landscape: "Examine the ethical dimensions surrounding bioenergy production, including issues of land use, biodiversity, and social equity, and explore the political dimensions of bioenergy, including regulatory frameworks, policy decisions, and their impact on sustainable development".
  4. Economic Viability: What affect the economic viability of biofuels, considering factors like taxation, subsidies, and market dynamics crucial for a thriving bioenergy ecosystem?

Our event, hosted by researchers from various faculties at the University of Copenhagen, aims to foster dialogue among academia, industry, and policymakers, navigating the complexities and dilemmas of bioenergy for sustainable development.

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights from experts from various research fields.
  • Engage in discussions on the trade-offs and considerations involved in bioenergy deployment.
  • Network with peers passionate about bioenergy and biosolutions in general.

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